Rigging, Erecting & Hoisting

Rigging is in Our Millwright DNA

A lot of companies claim to be experts at rigging and hoisting. Sadly, they are not. Vet your rigging partner carefully by asking about their training, track record, and equipment.


Rigging, Erecting & Hoisting

Rigging of large, heavy equipment is a common yet complex task that is critical to machinery moving. Math matters when understanding payloads, balance, and center of gravity. So does the hardware, slings, and equipment used. Lovegreen millwrights have extensive, certified training to safely and properly rig and hoist heavy machinery and equipment. Our teams are also capable of erecting supporting structures to ensure machinery and equipment can reach its final functional place. We have a wide array of owned equipment and tools, plus trusted crane partners to get the job done most effectively.

Common Applications:
  • Machinery and equipment moves
  • Platform and mezzanine installs
  • Conveyor moves
  • Tank, silo, and container moves
  •  Large oven and dryer moves
  • Industrial motor and engine moves
  • Supporting structure erection
  • Beam and platform erection
Notable, Owned Equipment:
  • 25/35k Versa-Lift
  • 15k forklifts
  • 19k forklifts

Heavy objects are foundational to industrial production.  Rigging, hoisting, and moving these heavy objects is a precise science that requires specific training and experience.

Most Lovegreen millwrights are Certified Riggers and Signalers (CRS), an accredited designation that ensures safety, efficiency, and superior quality.  Many Lovegreen millwrights also carry Certified Master Rigger and Signaler/Lift Director (CMRS/LD) certifications, an advanced or “mastery” level of competence.

To read more about these accreditations, click here.

When erecting steel support structures, supporting members must be connected in a proper fashion to ensure structural integrity. Field welding is often an integral part of this operation. Lovegreen millwrights have deep experience assembling supporting steel structures, including the assembly of rivets and bolts, and welding between connecting beams.

Lovegreen has deep experience hoisting and moving large, heavy objects and structures.

We work with a network of trusted crane partners to provide qualified, safe crane equipment. Lovegreen millwrights then bring their expertise and equipment to the project to facilitate the safe and efficient use of the cranes to rig your structure, move, and set it at its final destination.

While equipment is critical to this operation, proper rigging and signaling is also vitally important. Lovegreen millwrights are Certified Riggers and Signalers (CRS), an accredited designation that also covers proper crane signaling.

Elevated and suspended steel structures are commonplace in industrial environments, from mezzanines to stairwells. Lovegreen installs, modifies, and removes these structures regularly.  Common elevated structures include:

  • Platforms
  • Frames
  • Mezzanines
  • Stairwells
  • Ramps
  • Chutes

Lovegreen also fabricates these structures on a regular basis for customers. Review our fabrication capabilities here.


Moving of a grain superstructure“>
Machinery Moving & Installation, Rigging & Erecting
A farm operation acquired an existing grain elevator structure (grain leg, compartment bins) to be used on their farm. Lovegreen was enlisted to disassembly, relocate, and install the complex structure.

Hear from our clients

“We use Lovegreen for a wide range of work needed on our production lines. Their quality work and level of detail from their Millwrights and Engineers is awesome, and I can trust the job is going to get done right!”

– Scott, Reyes Coca-Cola

“Lovegreen isn’t just a vendor, they’re a trusted partner to Con-Tek Machine. When we need supplemental labor, there’s only one call we make and it’s to Lovegreen.  Their team of skilled millwrights consistently deliver high-quality results in fabrication, welding, and assembly. Their reliability is unmatched; they’ve always been there for us when we’re in a bind. Working with them is an effortless experience, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services.”

– Zac, Con-Tek Machine

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