Metrology for Industrial Applications

Don’t Take the Tape Measure Approach

The health and functionality of production machinery and equipment depends on precision measurement and alignment to accommodate tight, often extreme, tolerances. And when you have a lot of equipment, measuring facility layouts to accommodate moves or new equipment takes sophistication and laser accuracy.


Measurement & Alignment

Before setting your next piece of machinery or equipment, make sure you find a partner with the appropriate skill and tools. The money you spend measuring and aligning pays dividends down the road in uptime and operational consistency. Lovegreen is your partner to assist with precision measurement, alignment, leveling, and tramming.

Lovegreen Measurement & Alignment Tools:

  • FARO® Laser Tracker
  • Conventional Optics Automatic levels
  • Builder’s transits
  • Precision jig transits
  • Tilting levels
  • Mechanical theodolites
  • Laser levels & coupling aligners
  • Borescope
  • Other precision tools & instruments

Measure twice, install once. Precision matters, especially when production dollars and downtime are at stake.

From modern FARO® lasers that capture 3D coordinates to conventional optics, our team is equipped to measure and align to the most extreme tolerances.  We provide deep technical expertise to deliver the data and dimensional analysis you need to make informed decisions.

Setting critical machinery requires leveling to ensure the machinery functions in a healthy and productive manner. Just as important is tramming to ensure alignment of components and/or supports.

Mapping out a new production line? Rearranging critical machinery and equipment? Taking precision on-site measurements, ideally with 3D coordinates, ensures total accuracy and bulletproof layout.

Don’t risk creating layouts with traditional measurement tools for CAD drawings. Talk to Lovegreen to explore the power of laser scanning with FARO® technology to capture 3D measurements that can be compared to your CAD data to ensure confidence.

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Measurement & Alignment, Rigging & Erecting
Metal Service Centers
Three bridge cranes within a metals service center were failing on a frequent basis, often inoperable and creating safety concerns. Lovegreen was asked to diagnose scope a plan to remediate and return the equipment to safe and operable status.

Hear from our clients

“We use Lovegreen for a wide range of work needed on our production lines. Their quality work and level of detail from their Millwrights and Engineers is awesome, and I can trust the job is going to get done right!”

– Scott, Reyes Coca-Cola

“Lovegreen isn’t just a vendor, they’re a trusted partner to Con-Tek Machine. When we need supplemental labor, there’s only one call we make and it’s to Lovegreen. Their team of skilled millwrights consistently deliver high-quality results in fabrication, welding, and assembly. Their reliability is unmatched; they’ve always been there for us when we’re in a bind. Working with them is an effortless experience, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services.”

– Zac, Con-Tek Machine

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