About the Project

Three bridge cranes within a metals service center were failing on a frequent basis, often inoperable and creating safety concerns.  Lovegreen was asked to diagnose the three cranes and scope a plan to remediate and return the equipment to safe and operable status.

  • Diagnosed the problem and developed a plan to remediate
  • Maintained flexibility,  accommodating the customer’s production schedule to ensure no down time
  • Scope
    • Diagnoses misalignment with FARO laser tracker
    • Procured replacement rails for bridge cranes
    • Designed and laser cut steel shims
    • Replaced rails
    • Leveled with shims
Grid Line Decoration
A large warehouse overlooking the floor

The Problem

Three critical bridge cranes in a metal service center were out of alignment, failing more frequently and creating safety concerns in the facility.

  • Due to misalignment, the crane system was becoming more unstable and parts were breaking more frequently.
  • Frequent inoperability of bridge cranes impacted production efficiency.
  • Down time occurrences were increasing and the cost of lost time was growing.
  • Work to remediate bridge crane problems could not impact the existing production schedule.

The Solution

By taking precision measurements of the bridge cranes and facility, Lovegreen was able to quickly diagnose the misalignment severity in the cranes.  Project management developed a plan, timeline, and work scope that solves the operational problems and accommodates the customer’s production schedule.

  • 3D measurement with FARO laser, coupled with electronic reporting, provided critical information needed to plumb all beams.
  • Developed plan to rectify all three systems and return them to safe, operable condition.
  • Problem solving and solution delivery exceeded customers’ expectations.
  • Hit every timeline milestone required by the customer.  Lovegreen flexed its schedule to accommodate customer’s production schedule such that it was never impacted, with crews working Thursday to Sunday, for three weeks at night, then days.
  • Specialized equipment used:
    • 32’ scissor lift
    • 40’ articulating boom lift
    • Magni rotary telehandler