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Millwright Services – Rigging

Lovegreen Industrial Services matches experienced, safety-certified professional Millwright to your specific job requirements from our hometown in Minnesota to anywhere in the U.S. Our crews exceed expectations and for over 70 years we’ve built our company’s reputation on being the best in the business. Hire one of our Millwrights, get the job done right.

A Millwright is a highly specialized trades person, thoroughly trained to install, maintain and repair all types of industrial and mechanical equipment. They may perform repairs that include replacing worn or defective parts of machines.

Millwrights also may be involved in taking apart existing machines, a common situation when a manufacturing plant needs to clear floor space for new machinery. To do this, each part of the machine must be carefully taken apart, categorized, and packaged.

A millwright will use a variety of hand tools, such as hammers and levels, as well as equipment for welding, brazing, and cutting. On large projects, they commonly use cranes and trucks. When Millwrights and managers determine the best place for a machine, Millwrights bring the parts to the desired location using forklifts, hoists, winches, cranes, and other equipment.

Millwright and Rigging Services includes:

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Millwright Equipment

  • Forktrucks up to 22,000 Lb. Capacity
  • Tilt bed and dock tractor trailers
  • Stick, MIG and TIG field welding
  • Laser coupling alignment
  • Rigging up to 100,000 Lb. Capacity