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Lovegreen provides Professional Industrial Services, Millwrights, Rigging & Lifting services, Machine repairs, conveyor installation, factory relocation, Laser coupling alignment for industrial equipment

Excellence in Overhead Material Handling Equipment Since 1961

Lovegreen Material Handling provides Professional Material Handling Solutions, Parts & Services

Customized Material Handling Solutions

Lovegreen Material Handling provides Professional Material Handling Solutions, Parts & Services for the Aerospace Industry

Full-Service Engineering

Lovegreen Material Handling provides Professional Material Handling Solutions, Overhead Cranes, Parts & Services

System Integration & Automation

J&B Equipment is now proud to be Lovegreen Material Handling!

We are the same great customer focused team with some essential additional members. From carts and conveyors to overhead cranes, we are now more capable to support the full spectrum demands of the material handling equipment industry. For over half a century, we have provided solutions others thought impossible and will continue to do so with our new Lovegreen family ownership. Lovegreen Industrial Services have been operating in the industrial sector providing Millwrighting, Metal Fabrication, Engineering, & Automation services with quality, precision, & innovation since 1948. Lovegreen Material Handling is the perfect accompaniment to this legacy. We are committed to our customer’s success by our expert staff, exceptional product services and support, and ethical standards.

We design and sell engineered overhead crane and monorail systems, hoists, lift tables, specialty carts, and engineered ergonomic material handling systems. We offer turn-key installation, inspection, testing, and post maintenance on all of the equipment we offer.

Let us deliver the best value for you by:

  • Teaming with “best of class” manufacturers.
  • Negotiating the very best pricing from our partners as a reward for our loyalty for more than half a century.
  • Pulling together the best answers from our varied partner-manufacturers to deliver the best-valued solutions to meet our customer’s unique needs.
  • Supporting these solutions by offering service, parts, inspections, and training.
  • Keeping an eye on cutting edge technologies to enhance our offerings and deliver solutions seldom seen in our industry.


Today, LOVEGREEN MATERIAL HANDLING continues to uphold the founding vision of J&B Equipment Company, Inc. that was established in 1961 to be the premier partner to Twin Cities companies by providing for customers industrial material handling needs. LOVEGREEN MATERIAL HANDLING is expanding on this foothold to become the premier material handling company to the entire USA.

Lovegreen provides Professional Material Handling Solutions & Services, Whether in Minnesota or across the country, LOVEGREEN MATERIAL HANDLING is the partner of choice for prominent companies seeking creative, “outside of the box” solutions to their unique application requirements.  J&B Equipment designed systems can be found in the most demanding of facilities and now you can count on LOVEGREEN MATERIAL HANDLING to keep them running and up-to-date.

Focus on what your company does best while LOVEGREEN MATERIAL HANDLING provides the engineering expertise and team dedicated to solve your material handling challenges.

Our in-house engineering department sets us apart from other companies and allows us to offer customized solutions for your company’s specific material handling needs.

We have the design ability to meet most environmental requirements like food grade, spark and explosion resistant, and clean room.  

We serve many markets and industries including:  Manufacturing, Aerospace, Construction, Agriculture, Power Generation, Natural Gas, and many others.


While “no job is too big” nor is a job “too small,” LOVEGREEN MATERIAL HANDLING values its customers and is committed to responsive assistance with any size material handling need.  

Our knowledgeable staff is prepared to guide your selection process of cranes, hoists, below the hook devices, lift tables and much more.  

Furthermore, we have the ability to service the products we sell with annual inspections, repairs, replacement parts and training.

As our customer, you can depend on us to provide for your material handling needs in one call.  Check out our product line and learn why LOVEGREEN MATERIAL HANDLING should be your premier partner when it comes to your industrial material handling needs.

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