About the Project

A glass manufacturer supplemented its staff with Lovegreen millwrights to work as directed and remediate several significant issues among its production lines.  Notable items included:

  • Testing and installing pneumatic controls on pallet conveyance line
  • Eliminating floor spillage from material conveyance line
  • Demolition of two production lines
  • Spot maintenance
  • Field welding
Grid Line Decoration
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The Problem

Multiple maintenance personnel had been lost to retirement over last several years, and the skillset among newer members of maintenance staff was not yet developed.  As a result, critical maintenance tasks on key production lines had been foregone over time leading to many issues.

  • Pallets rolling off conveyance lines
  • Material spillage on floor
  • Certain lines not in use but never removed

The Solution

Lovegreen team brought in to supplement customer’s existing maintenance staff and worked as directed to address multiple issues of varying scope.

  • Tested and installed pneumatic pallet stopes to prevent pallet roll off.
  • Added 4″ sheet steel to conveyance section to prevent spills.
  • Adjusted sensors and photo eyes that were not operating properly due to misalignment.
  • Demoed two production lines not currently in use.
    • Due to layout and surrounding conveyance, forklifts could not be used for overhead lifting.
    • Torch cut all machines into manageable pieces, moving the machines out under the existing conveyors.
  • Initial labor request was for two (2) millwrights for two (2) days, then was expanded to minimum of four (4) weeks.