About the Project

A chain edge crossover belt conveyor had worn down and the customer elected to perform selective maintenance in order to avoid an emergency breakdown.

  • Recycling plant
  • Custom-built, aging conveyor with 72’ x 72” belt
  • Worn belt and supporting components
  • Turn-key service needed, from scoping to parts ordering, custom fabrication, belt and part preparation, and final rebuild on-site.
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A construction worker walking in a factory

The Problem

A critical chain edge conveyor was wearing and near failure.  The customer proactively seeking a partner to perform a rebuild of the conveyor.

  • Aging components, including the conveyor belt
  • Little to no documentation on the conveyor
  • Conveyor downtime = lost profits for customer
  • Little flexibility on the calendar to schedule repair/rebuilt work

The Solution

Lovegreen team provided turn-key services to act as the sole partner on this project.  Project management developed a plan, timeline, and work scope that delivered a full rebuild over two days.

  • Field verification of all parts and components.
  • Developed parts list and sourced all stock parts, including chain, belt, sprockets, shafts, and bearings.
    Fabricated non-stock parts including chain guides, flights, and impact pans.
  • Accommodate customer’s need for a weekend-only, two-day timeline for the on-site rebuild portion of the project, starting Friday night and finishing Sunday morning.
  • Field team of four (4) millwrights on days and four (4) on nights, all working 12-hour shifts.
  • Customer expectations were met and the conveyor was immediately operational following the rebuild.
  • Specialized equipment used:
    • Forklift – 15,000 lb
    • Forklift – 19,000 lb
    • Chain Falls – 1 & 2 ton
    • Suitcase welders