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Conveyor Manufacturer – Material Handling Solutions

Can’t find the Material Handling Solutions you need to get the job done? Trust Lovegreen Industrial Services, to design, build and install Conveyor Systems that fits your exact specifications.

Since 1948, companies have trusted Lovegreen for material handling conveyor manufacturing and installation. Our conveyor systems are built to conform to all current safety standards, including conveniently located emergency stops, power transmission guarding and power outage protection to prevent inadvertent motor restart in the event of a power failure.

Conveyor Systems & Material Handling Solutions We Manufacture:

Steel Belt – Chain Edge Systems

We combine proven designs with durable, heavy duty construction. They are available in a range of sizes and configurations to accommodate a multitude of applications including inspection and conveying of product. This style is used on assembly lines as well as continuous flow conveyors in recycling centers. The steel belts also work well in problem areas such as ovens, coolers, washers, or dryers.

Troughing Belt Conveyors

Designed specifically to the type of material that needs to be moved. This style conveyor is well suited to long runs and situations where product containment on the belt in very important. They also work well in applications where bulk materials must be moved from one level or container to another.

Inclined Belt Conveyor

Material handling conveyor, designed to move product between two different elevations. They provide an excellent way to transfer material between the floor level and a mezzanine and to other areas where items must be conveyed at an angle. This style of conveyor is ideal for use in manufacturing plants, distribution centers and packaging lines.

Sorting Belt Conveyors

An affordable and convenient method for sorting and processing a wide range of recyclables. Simply feed various materials onto the conveyor belt using a dump cart or front end loader.


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