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Laser Coupling Alignment

Bearing and seal damage, energy loss, production downtime – stop these problems in their tracks with Lovegreen Industrial Services laser coupling alignment. Performing coupling alignment on a regular basis makes your machinery last longer and increases your company’s bottom line.

Not only is precise optical shaft alignment essential, but it must also be done in a timely matter. Taking critical machinery out of service for maintenance can be expensive and affect other manufacturing processes.

There are several methods used to align couplings including ‘eyeing’ it, dial calibration and laser alignment. Each method varies in its degree of accuracy and dial calibration can be a very time consuming process.

Utilizing a state-of-the-art laser measurement systems, Lovegreen’s trained millwrights will measure and align couplings, universal joints and belts quickly saving you time and money. The Laser Coupling Alignment process results in less downtime, lower machine operating expenses, fewer repairs and longer machine life.


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